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4 Good Reasons to Make Sure You Get Good Sleep!

Man awakes happy in the morning because he got great rest the night before

Frequently, we read a lot about what a lack of sleep can do to our bodies. From weight gain to a lackluster memory, the adverse effects of sleep deprivation are numerous and seem to consistently be growing as new research emerges. So then, one might wonder, what exactly  does good sleep do for me and my body? Here are a few ways in which being mindful about your sleep habits will repay you now – and later in life:

1. Heart – Aside from small increases during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, your heart rate and blood pressure lower by bout 10% throughout sleep. This  gives your heart a much-needed rest after a long day!

2. Memory – As our bodies relax, our minds work on committing to memory all of the information we have encountered throughout the day. Numerous studies have shown links between getting enough sleep(7-9 hours per night, for adults) and possessing a strong memory.

3. Hormones – While you rest, your body is busy keeping up with its many necessary functions. For one, when we’re asleep, our bodies make more of cellular hormones called cytokines. These are important to the proper functionality of our immune system.

4. Mood – Getting enough sleep day in and day out is important to fostering and overall happy mood and outlook on life. Simply being more alert and awake can certainly help avoid becoming irritated throughout a grueling day.

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