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Archive | February, 2014

Study: Scientists Discover Our "Sleep Switch"

Study: Scientists Discover Our “Sleep Switch”

Scientists may have solved another mystery regarding sleep. According to a new study, researchers discovered the sleep “switch” that  informs our brain that it’s time for sleep. The discovery happened while researchers from Oxford University’s Centre for Neural Circuits and Behavior were studying fruit flies. This “switch” controls the activity of neurons in the brain […]

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Sleep Apnea Severity Linked Aggressiveness Of Cancer

Sleep Apnea Severity Linked To Aggressiveness Of Cancer

Sleep apnea is a chronic sleep disorder in which a person stops breathing multiple times during sleep. Its severity may be a predictor of the aggressiveness of malignant skin melanoma, or skin cancer, according to a recent study. A link between sleep apnea and mortality, as well between sleep apnea and the incident rate of […]

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