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Study: The Insomnia Treatment That Cuts Costs

Study: The Insomnia Treatment That Cuts Costs

Insomnia is known to cost the U.S. $63 billion every year, as it affects workers’ productivity. Additionally, it can lead to high healthcare costs for the insomniac. If you are looking to cash in on savings, treating your insomnia with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) could be a great place to start. A new study is suggesting that CBT is linked to a decrease in health care-related costs and usage.

The study, which involved 84 participants, was conducted by researchers from the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System, Drexel University, and the University of Florida in Gainesville. All of the participants were treated for up to 6 six weeks with weekly sessions as outpatients at a behavioral sleep medicine clinic. The treatment consisted of sleep hygiene, relaxation exercises, sleep education, cognitive therapy, and sleep restriction. Researchers also noted their health care usage and costs before and after treatment.

Sleep was improved among 86% of the insomnia patients after only 3 sessions of CBT. On average, each patient had a reduction in their health care-related costs of more than $200 in the 6 months following treatment. Although cost of the treatment itself was higher that the estimated savings after treatment, the pay off would increase more over the years, as CBT has long-lasting results.

It is vital that all sleep issues be discussed with a licensed physician. A lack of sleep doesn’t just make you grumpy; it can lead to serious health conditions. Get to bed earlier tonight to keep the doctor away and save money!

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