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Treatments For Insomnia Aren’t Made Equal

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Doctors are beginning to realize that insomnia is more than simply a problem of sleeping less than six hours a night. Paradoxical insomnia, a sleep disorder in which a person believes they slept fewer hours than they actually did (while undergoing observation), is coming to light. Several studies show that close to 50% of people with insomnia have a misperception of how much sleep they are getting each night, by at least one hour or more per night.

It is important to differentiate the insomniacs who actually sleep less than six hours a night from those who just have a misperception. Sleeping less than six hours a night increases a person’s risk of developing hypertension, diabetes, amongst other health complications.The right diagnosis and treatment from a licensed specialist will improve the lives of insomniacs.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a much more effective treatment for insomniacs who have a misperception of their sleep cycles because the problem is psychological in nature. Insomniacs who are genuinely short sleepers are much more likely to require prescription medication due to a physiological need due to high levels of stress hormones.

Thanks to new technological advances, and a better understanding of insomnia, patients are more likely to be accurately treated. It is vital that people with insomnia see a licensed professional to ensure they are getting the right treatment to solve their problem with sleep.

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