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5 Steps to a Clean Mattress For this Spring!


Sleep hygiene is very important to maintaining a great environment for where you snooze. Sheets should be cleaned every week to two weeks, in very hot water. But, what about your mattress? Follow these easy steps to clean your mattress this spring!

1. Air it out: Clear your mattress of all sheets, and protectors. Then, let it air out for a couple of hours. This is best done outdoors, provided that the weather permits.

2. Vacuum it: Vacuum your mattress thoroughly, to make sure that you’re removing all of the dust that has been building up!

3. Clean it: Grab some upholstery cleaner and a sponge. Make sure that not to use dry cleaning solution, as the chemicals can be damaging. Next, get out any stains that have appeared on the mattress.

4. Flip it: Every six months, a mattress should be flipped. This means rotating it 180 degrees, and well as flipping it over. By doing so, you’ll avoid creating sags in your mattress over time.

5. Freshen it: After you’ve completed all of the other steps, spray the mattress lightly with a fabric freshener. This will round out your cleaning session, leaving the mattress smelling fresh and inviting! However, you might consider skipping this step if you have allergies to fabric fresheners!

Now you’re all ready for rejuvenating nights of rest!

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