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7 Little Known Facts About Sleep

7 sleep facts that you might not be aware of that are surprising about sleep

Today, we have 7 little known facts about sleep for you. If you have trouble getting enough sleep frequently, you’re not alone. These figures offer a quick insight into how sleep habits are affecting millions of Americans’ everyday lives. They are compiled from the National Sleep Foundation, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the National Department of Transportation, as of 2012. Some of them may surprise you:

1. Approximate cost to employers for loss in productivity related to sleep deprivation:                                                  $18 billion

2. Amount of Americans suffering from chronic sleep disorders:                                                                                        40 million

3. How much sleep an adult needs per night:                                                                                                             7 – 9 hours

4. Amount of adults that reported getting about 6 hours of sleep or less:                                                                            29%

5. Number of car crashes related to drivers falling asleep (nonfatal):                                                                                40,000

6. Estimated number of people who suffer from sleep apnea:                                                                                             22 million

7. Percentage of adults that have sleep issues a few nights per week:                                                                               62%

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