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Flexsteel and Tempur-Pedic, Today!

Loading Flexsteel Recliners!

Saturday, February 16 2013 was a huge sales day at Gallery Furniture — Lots of Tempur-Pedic and Tempur-Pedic adjustable sleep sets and many Flexsteel reclining sofas, loveseats, and recliners were sold to Great Texas Customers.  So many Great Houston Customers, in fact, that Gallery Furniture was overwhelmed with deliveries!

Normally, the Saturday Flexsteel and Tempur-Pedic deliveries are loaded and leave Gallery Furniture warehouse by 8:00 PM to complete the day’s deliveries.  Then, the warehouse staff meticulously loads the Sunday AM deliveries before going home at 11:00 PM.  But, because of the tremendous number of Tempur-Pedic sleep sets, Flexsteel sofas and loveseats, and mango solid wood furniture purchases, the last Gallery Furniture trucks did not leave the Gallery Furniture warehouse for Saturday night deliveries until 11:00 PM!

The dilemma was that Sunday morning trucks were not prepped and loaded.  How are the morning routes going to be completed on time when the Tempur-Pedic, Flexsteel, and solid wood furniture is not even pulled, prepped, or loaded, and the Gallery Furniture warehouse is closing at 11:00 PM? Spring into action does the Gallery Furniture warehouse team!  They say “Let’s bring in the entire staff at 7:00 AM and load the Sunday Tempur-Pedic, Flexsteel, and mango solid wood furniture deliveries early so the Customers will receive their Gallery Furniture deliveries on time and be DELIGHTED!”

Amazingly, no objections were heard and by 6:45 AM Sunday, February 17, 2013 the Gallery Furniture staff began arriving at work with chins up and smiles on with one goal in mind:  load the Tempur-Pedic, Flexsteel, and mango solid wood furniture deliveries quickly and efficiently so the Customers will get their deliveries on time and be delighted!  The Gallery Furniture restaurant crew also came in early to feed the troops and keep the logistics operations energized with great nutrition.

At Gallery Furniture it’s all about Delighting Great Houston and Texas Customers, no matter how many rustic solid wood deliveries are scheduled. TODAY is the rallying cry at Gallery Furniture. It’s about when the Customer says,  “You got here early in the time frame and my Flexsteel living room furniture looks great and we’re delighted!” It’s not easy to get here at 7:00 AM Sunday morning to get Tempur-Pedic deliveries out, but at Gallery Furniture promises made are promises kept.

Free Enterprise is alive and well at Gallery Furniture 24 / 7 / 365. Gallery Furniture is proud of our Great Texas Customers and a great Gallery Furniture staff that rises to the occasion to Delight Customers! At Gallery Furniture we spent the NBA All-Star weekend Delighting Customers. Late to bed, early to rise, work like hell and Free Enterprise! THE All-Stars at Gallery Furniture are our Great Texas Customers!

“I look at what I do to see what I believe.” … Sister Mary Jane Prejean

The entire warehouse staff is at work delighting Texas Customers with Flexsteel, Tempur-Pedic, and rustic solid wood deliveries early Sunday morning.

At Gallery Furniture, it’s all about getting you, Great Houston and Texas Customers, your Flexsteel and Tempur-Pedic  — TODAY!

Click here to see more photos of Gallery Furniture employees loading the Gallery Furniture trucks!!

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