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HGTV Home™ Furniture Collection at Gallery Furniture


Everyone at Gallery Furniture is excited about the arrival of two stunning collections of HGTV® Home furniture this week.

Gallery Furniture is proud to display the Woodlands collections and the Modern Heritage collection. Both of these groups were designed by the talented people at HGTV who collaborated to bring these furniture collections to life!

The Woodlands and Modern Heritage collections are in store and ready to be delivered to your Houston, Texas home TONIGHT.

Each of these beautiful, functional furniture suites have stunning finishes with great depth and clarity.

Each collection of HGTV® HOME furniture has LOTS of added functions, many of which are hidden away.

These hidden functions include reversible backed drawers that fold down to provide media access and many HGTV Home™ Furniture Collection pieces come with surge protection, touch lighting, and even night lights in night stands.

The HGTV Home Furniture Collection is not only beautiful and functional, but also incredibly fun and affordable.

Buy this for your Houston home, and save money TODAY!

Of course – Gallery Furniture delivers your HGTV® Home furniture to your Houston, Texas home TONIGHT.

Great looks, Great quality, Great fun, Great furniture, Incredible prices.

The HGTV Home™ Furniture Collection at Gallery Furniture is here for you TODAY.

Buy today – Enjoy TONIGHT.

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