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Hints That You May Need More Sleep

How Do You Know If You Need More Sleep?

It is easy to contribute some of our problems to the wrong things, but luckily some of them can be solved by simply getting more sleep. Any of these issues sound familiar?

You’re Insatiable. If you have not skipped breakfast or amped up your gym routine, a lack of sleep could be the culprit behind your ravenous behavior. Research shows that too little shuteye is linked with higher levels of the hormone, gherlin, the same one that triggers hunger. In addition, research indicates that the increased levels of gherlin not only lead to snacking, but cravings for high-carb, high-calorie foods.

You’re Weepy. Finding yourself tearing up over the slightest things, such as TV commercials could be a sign you need more sleep. A 2007 study found that sleep-deprived brains were 60% more reactive to negative and disturbing images.

You’re Forgetful Or Unfocused. Although you may be quick to blame it on stress or your age, a lack of sleep could be the reason behind this mystery. Too little shuteye has been linked to a variety of cognitive problems, like difficulty focusing and paying attention, confusion, lower alertness and concentration, forgetfulness and trouble learning.

You Can’t Get Rid Of A Cold. If you keep getting sick or the one you have seems to be never-ending, you may want to assess your sleep schedule. A recent study found that people who sleep fewer than 7 hours each night, have almost 3 times the risk of catching a cold than people who sleep at least 8 hours a night.

You’re More Clumsy Than Usual. You knock your alarm off the dresser, you spill coffee or yourself, and stub your toe entering the next room – you’ve become a klutz overnight. Sleepy people have slower and less precise motor skills. A lack of sleep dulls reflexes, makes balances and depth perception unstable and creates problems with being focused.

You Are Less Affectionate. Sleepy people typically just aren’t in the mood. A lack of sleep increases the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone and decreases the sex drive of men and women.

Skipping sleep is never a good idea. Sleep boosts our overall well-being and is essential to being the best version of you. Go to bed earlier tonight and reap the benefits of a fresh start!

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