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Maximize Your Sleep Potential Using Your Senses

Maximize Your Sleep Potential Using Your Senses

Obtaining a night of great quality, deep sleep can be difficult for a lot people due to our constantly moving society. Deep sleep is a unique state of brain function that is critical to how refreshing and effective your sleep is. Learn to slow things down and get your sleep back with these tips:


Our brains are sensitive to light, the brain’s pineal gland will increase or decrease melatonin production depending on how much light we get. Melatonin sets our circadian rhythms and influences all normal bodily cycles throughout the day and night.

-Open your curtains and blinds first thing in the morning (white/blue light)
-Consider changing the lights over your shower to fluorescent or white LED lights,
-Avoid bright white/blue lights for at least 3 hours before bedtime. Avoid the TV, computer, or fluorescent lights
-Don’t use a smart phone or tablet screen in bed
-Stick to lights in the warm orange-red spectrum, they don’t disturb deep sleep as much


Everyone has different sound needs for bed like complete silence or the sound of a fan. Do your best create the perfect environment for yourself.

-Wear headphones if you need sounds and your partner needs silence
-Wear earplugs if you need complete silence (don’t if your ears are wet)
-Listen the same hypnosis or meditation track every night. You can train yourself to fall asleep to it
-Try listening to soundtracks with binaural beats, they’ll help you stay in deep sleep longer
-Purchase SleepPhones, comfortable headphones for bedtime


The affects of smells are often subconscious but, unpleasant smells can remind you of disorganization and clutter all night.

-Keep your bedroom free of unpleasant odors
-Use lavender essential oil or scents like vanilla, chamomile and sandalwood to deepen your sleep, leading to better cognition in the morning

Gustatory and Tactile

If you are used to eating a snack before bed, you still can. Stick to foods with high tryptophan levels like turkey or a glass of warm milk.

-Warm baths before bedtime have been proven to deepen sleep
-Keep your room temperature comfortable enough that you don’t struggle with the covers in the middle of the night
-If you and your partner prefer different temperatures, use heating pads or cool water pillows
-Pets often disrupt sleep; consider keeping them in another room

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