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Talking Sleep at the Furniture/Today Bedding Conference

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Mattress Mack had the pleasure of attending the Furniture/Today Bedding Conference, in Chandler, Arizona. He heard a plethora of great information about bedding, sleep, and sleep disorders! One of the speakers was Dr. Lisa Shives, who is a sleep expert and has been practicing in the field for over ten years. This afternoon, we’re bringing you the highlights of what Mack heard on what you can do to improve your sleep, starting tonight! He also picked up some great information about the most rampant sleep disorders.

            The top sleep disorders are:

                        1. Insomnia: often non-pharmaceutical solutions are the best remedy

                        2. Sleep apnea: 5-10% of the population is suffering from sleep apnea

                        3. Restless Leg Syndrome: 2-3% of adults are affected by RLS

                        4. Narcolepsy: causes sleepiness during the daytime, and short, abrupt  dozing off

                        5. Circadian Rhythm Disorder: going to bed late at night, between 3:00am and 5:00am

                        can cause numerous issues

                        6. Sleepwalking: one man found himself knee deep in snow, naked,

                        with a samurai sword from this disorder!

All in all, 70 million Americans suffer from severe sleep problems. The residual effects of them can range from high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke, to depression, dementia, and car accidents!

            Tips to help you sleep better:

                        1. Make the bedroom a special place only for sleep

                        2. Free yourself of electronics– no laptops or gadgets!

                        3. Be sure your bedroom is cool at night, so you’re comfortable

                        4. Keep out light; your bedroom should be dark

                        5. Make the bedroom peaceful; a virtual sleep sanctuary

Great sleep is life changing and life improving! By implementing these steps, you may see a healthy increase in the quality of sleep that you are getting every night. Additionally, make sure that you have a good mattress; it is a critical piece of a creating a great sleep environment!


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