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Three Easy Fixes for Three Ordinary Sleep Problems with Little Ones

happy toddlers

Parents frequently struggle with diagnosing and relieving their young children of common sleep problems. If your toddler is experiencing issues related to rest for an extended period of time you should consult your pediatrician. However, here are a few problems that many children face and how to address them:

Sweating – Toddlers experiencing nighttime sweats can cause them to be uncomfortable and not get good quality rest. If you notice that your child is perspiring frequently, try lowering the temperature in their room to compensate. Also, cotton clothes are recommended as they can absorb sweat.

Nightmares – Nightmares are relatively common, even in young children. Ensure that your toddle goes to sleep on a happy note. Things like story telling, and always getting enough sleep can put them at ease. It is also suggested that a parent soothes and helps ease the child back into sleep.

Grinding Teeth – According to KidsHealth, experts say that 20-30% of children struggle with grinding or clenching their teeth. Typically, it will subside as they age. However, in the meantime, it is recommended to calm the child by way of a bath, to soothe them. If your child is grinding their teeth, do mention it to their pediatrician to make sure it is not something to be concerned about.

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