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10 Sleep Tips For Your Next Flight

10 Sleep Tips For Your Next Flight

When boarding a plane, it’s safe to say most of us wish we could sleep through the flight, and wake up energized to enjoy the city we arrive in; especially when traveling overseas!  So you’ve got the right seat, which most agree is the window seat, to avoid being crossed over and you can prop your pillow but, what else can you do to ensure a restful flight?

1. Schedule your flight in accordance with your natural sleep rhythm by taking the “red eye,” or an overnight flight.

2.  Dress comfortably with layers, as the cabin temperature changes often.

3. Skip coffee 6 hours before your flight– this means no coffee at the airport. Remember to stay hydrated, but drink water right before you want to go to sleep.

4. Pack your own small blanket and neck pillow. You’ll be more comfortable not borrowing from the airlines.

5. Don’t forget your eye mask.

6. Download soothing music to your portable music device of choice

7. Try investing in noise canceling headphones; you certainly want to drown out the sound of crying babies and loud conversations.

8. To avoid being woken up by flight attendants checking to see if you are buckled in, fasten your seat beat above your blanket.

9. Speak with your doctor about prescribing a sleep aid, but only if your flight is long enough (at least 8 hours) to pass the drugs through your system.

10. Take a walk up and down the aisles in between naps to prevent blood clots in the legs.

When you plan your vacation, keep your sleep rhythm in mind. It will make for a much better trip if you can enjoy all of your activities without feeling jet lagged.  Try using SeatGuru to get a layout of your plane to choose a better seat to plan for sleep.  Remember that sleep can’t take a back seat; you still need it to be your best self in any situation!

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