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10 Ways That Science Says We Can Sleep Better

10 Ways That Science Says We Can Sleep Better

Falling asleep at the right time can be harder than it sounds. In this fast-paced society, it’s quite easy to sleep let drop down to the bottom of your priority list without truly thinking of the consequences. However, changing your sleep habits can bring you great rewards. Try these 10 easy tips we found on Lifehack to get back on track with shut-eye tonight, according to science:

1. Stop Putting Off That Novel: Reading before bed helps relax your mind, especially if the material you select happens to be a little boring. Plus, it keeps you from turning to electronics, which will keep you up longer.

2. Stick to Your Bedtime: Setting a formal bedtime may make you feel like a toddler, but staying consistent trains your body to feel sleepy at the right time. You brain will began adjust hormones levels appropriately and you won’t be able to stop yourself from sticking to your routine.

3. Eat Healthy: You may have heard this numerous times, however, research supports the fact that increasing your intake of vegetables, veggies and turkey, can improve your sleep. Throughout your diet you are boosting your potassium, magnesium and tryptophan levels, all the stuff you need for great snooze!

4. Cool Down Your Bedroom: Tossing and turning with an overheated body is no way to sleep! Trust the scientific research that a cool room helps maintain our cooler core temperature that we need to stay asleep comfortably.

5. Do Some Yoga Before Tucking In: Not only does yoga relax your body, easing aches and pains, but it can calm a worried mind.

6. Meditate: In our fast-paced society, we all can benefit from a little quiet time and we slip into our happy place. Learn some breathing techniques to let go your stress.

7. Help Yourself to Warm Milk:
This very old recommended remedy does have some truth to it. While scientists are debating on if tryptophan (which milk contains) is helpful for sleep, psychologists say it could be a mental trick of why it works.

8. Say Good-bye to Caffeine:
It’s addictive and it may give that instant pick-me-up you are looking for during the day, but it’ll stay in your system longer than you’d like. Cut off your caffeine intake by mid-afternoon.

9. Put Away Electronics: The blue light that comes from your favorite devices slow the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, keep you up longer. Try to power down at least an hour before your bedtime for better sleep.

10. Buy Blackout Curtains: We sleep best in complete darkness and those curtains are worth the investment as they’ll block out unwanted light from your neighbors, allowing you to sleep longer.

How have you been sleeping lately? Try these tips and let us know how it improves your shut-eye!

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