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Archive | June, 2013

Adults who get less sleep more likely to experience a stroke

Adults Who Get Less Sleep More Likely to Experience a Stroke

Insufficient sleep has been shown to put otherwise healthy adults at over four fold greater risk than their well sleeping counterparts for a stroke. “People know how important diet and exercise are in preventing strokes,” said Megan Ruiter of the University of Alabama in Birmingham, who led the study. However, the connection between sleep and […]

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zolpiderm ambien sleeping pills affect life

Zolpidem May Help with Insomnia, but Hurt Elsewhere

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 10%– or 31 million—people are affected by insomnia. Scientists are tirelessly researching cures for sleep disorders such as insomnia. And, there are drugs available to help one get some relief. In particular, Zolpidem (often sold as Ambien) is one of them. While one should always […]

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The History Of The Mattress

The Better Sleep Council has released a new time-line showing a brief history of the mattress from long ago to modern day. 10,000 years ago people began sleeping on primitive beds, and it wasn’t until the Egyptian pharaohs that humans discovered the benefits of sleeping elevated off of the earth. During the Roman Empire the […]

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Could Sleep Deprivation Have Consequences Later in Life?

We frequently read articles about, and discuss how sleep is important for memory, and staying energized, amongst other things. But, a new study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that sleep deprivation affects genes. 26 volunteers slept normally for a week—getting about 8.5 hours—and then deprived themselves of sleep for […]

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