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3 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Rest Tonight

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There are a number of healthy alternatives to potentially addictive sleeping medications that also come with bad health ramifications. Often times, lifestyle changes can help decrease the time it takes you doze off just as well as medications. Listed below are a few examples:

• Decrease your overall exposure to light in the hour before turning in for the evening. Bright screens like TVs, tablets, and phones halt the body’s delivery of melatonin (which helps us fall asleep).

• Exercise during the day; aside from its other health benefits, working out will increase sleepiness, helping you get that much-needed shuteye more quickly.

• Caffeine spends around eight hours being digested by, and affecting our bodies. If you favor a cup of coffee late in the day, consider replacing it with water.

These few tips can make a world of difference if you’ve deviated from practices that promote a healthy sleep-cycle. And if you feel like you’ve tried all of them, check out some of our other posts relating to improving quality of sleep—we’ve got many more tricks for you!


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