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Art Meets Sleep in New iPhone App

smartphone art

Sleep Art is an app for iPhones that turns your fruitful night of rest, or tossing and turning into a work of art over night. While there are many apps that boast the ability to help you sleep better, Sleep Art creates beautiful designs from your movements throughout the night.

First the user sets their alarm time. Then, the app prompts you to plug in your phone, and set it atop your mattress. The app uses the phone’s built in sensors to gather information that is then translated into what look like hi-tech brush strokes. When your designated alarm goes off, Sleep Art wakes you up. Then the fun comes. The finished artwork appears on the screen, and you’re able to scroll through and see it come to life. Watching the designs appear over time is truly fascinating and intriguing.

Since they’re multicolored, there is a bit of a decoding process to it. Different colors allude to sleep quality. Varying tones of green indicate that one had a sound night of rest, while red suggests frequent tossing and turning. After you’ve thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the work of art you created while asleep, it can be shared with friends via Facebook and Twitter. Currently, the app is only available for iPhones running on iOS5 or iOS6.

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