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4 Fast Tips to Help You Sleep better on Airplanes

4 Fast Tips to Help You Sleep better on Airplanes


It can be difficult to get to sleep on a plane, so here are a few tips to help you make the most of that long flight:

1. Choose your seat wisely: It isn’t always possible, but selecting your seat prior to boarding can be crucial. If you are seated near a restroom, the likelihood that people will be passing by frequently is high. Furthermore, try to get a seat by a window. This ensures that your fellow passengers won’t be crawling over you to   make it to the aisle.

2. Be prepared: Waking up at your destination with an achy, stiff neck can be painful and add to post-travel stress. Consider bringing along a neck pillow, designed for airplane use. Earplugs can also come in handy—should you be so unlucky as to be seated behind a young child flying for the first time. A thin, comfy blanket can also help to relax you, and is easily packed into your carryon bag.

3. Be careful what you drink: If you intend on getting some shuteye on a flight, it’s best to pass on the complimentary soda or coffee. Caffeine and sugar will give your body a jump-start, making it more difficult to fall asleep.

4. Consider medication: If you have tried everything, and still can’t doze off, discuss prescription or over the counter sleep aids with your doctor. Also, many allergy relief medications can cause drowsiness—perhaps something up your alley while traveling.

Use these tips the next time that you travel, so you’re prepared for whatever you’re embarking upon!

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