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4 Weird Reasons You Can’t Sleep

4 Weird Reasons You Can' class=

How often do you evaluate how you are sleeping? According to research,  the quality of your sleep is just as important as the quantity, with great sleep hygiene habits playing a major role in determining that quality. What you do from the moment you wake up until you get back in bed does matter. If you aren’t sleeping well, you may be making these sleep mistakes:

Your bra is too tight: Too much pressure on your ribcage can be disruptive to your sleep. One study even found that tight garments can interefere with your natural 24-hour clock, decreasing melatonin levels and increasing your body temperature, ruining an otherwise perfect night of sleep.

You smoked a cigarette: Smoking before your bedtime may disturb your sleep pattern. You’ll spend less time in REM sleep and more time in “light sleep.” Nicotine signals to the body to release serotonin and dopamine, stimulating chemicals that keep you awake.

You had grilled chicken for dinner: Having plenty of protein in your diet is healthy, but keep in mind that the process of digesting it is hard work for your body. Eating a protein-rich meal right before bed can cause sleep disruptions. Opt for carb-rich snack such as cereal if you need a late night snack.

You can’t stop playing Candy Crush: Not only does the blue light emitted from your smartphone slowing down your melatonin production for sleepiness, your stimulating activities such as playing games, texting, or emailing do hold you back from increasing the quality of your sleep as well.  Other electronics such as TVs and iPads are also a problem, but research shows that smartphones are the #1 culprit.

Adjusting your bedtime routine for better sleep is a definitely worth it! Make sleeping 7-9 hours every night a priority for better productivity, optimism, slimmer waistline and overall better health!

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