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5 Ways to Adjust to the Start of Daylight Saving Time

Thanks to the start of Daylight Saving Time, we all lost an hour of our precious sleep last night.

Now, this change may not seem like much, but according to The Huffington Post, the Monday after the clock moves forward is associated with an increased number of car accidents, heart attacks and work-related injuries. Even procrastination is set to be at an all time high this week with many employees feeling the sting of exhaustion and irritation that comes along with poor sleep.

Since it can take days to get back on track with your shut-eye, Tempur Sealy and the University of North Carolina have teamed up to present the neat infographic below to make adjusting to the start of Daylight Saving Time much easier. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t prepared, these tips can work wonders for your sleep this week:


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