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6 Ways Sleep Deprivation Keeps You From Being Promoted

6 Ways Sleep Deprivation Keeps You From Being Promoted

While many people believe that a lack of sleep can help them succeed, sleep deprivation on a regular basis can damage your career in the long run. Here’s how Forbes Magazine says cutting back on quality shut-eye makes it more difficult to achieve your dreams:

1. You can’t focus and concentrate: This is probably the very sign you’ll notice of your poor sleep the night before as you struggle to complete your morning routine and think about one task at a time.

2. You’re a stress magnet: Without sleep, your body becomes more vulnerable to stress as your emotions get further out of control. The slightest irritating event, such as spilling coffee on your shirt, can send you into an emotional meltdown.  Minor annoyances at co-workers, your boss, customers and your workload in general can easily lead be infuriating without the assistance of quality sleep.

3. You may be in of need drugs: While there are numerous substances on the market to help you make it through short-term sleep loss, using them increases your risk of worsening sleep problems and becoming dependent. For example, consuming too much caffeine or too late in the day can cause you to be awake at bedtime and experience poor sleep quality when you do doze off, leading to even more caffeine consumption the next day.

4. You could become depressed or anxious: A lack of sleep further sends emotions off course by causing a lack of motivation through depression, as well as increasing your tension and worry through anxiety. You can easily been seen as though you don’t care about your job as don’t make much effort or fall victim to being stressed with a panic attack.

5. Your short-term memory is suffering: Just one night of poor sleep is all that it takes to hurt your cognitive functioning, making daily tasks take much longer as you constantly re-check steps and re-read the same information. Prepare to forget details at the morning meeting and the names of anyone new you meet today.

6. More serious health risks are set to appear: In the long-term, there is plenty of research that links sleep deprivation to a weaker immune system and increased inflammation throughout the body, increasing your chances of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, heart failure, obesity, stroke and even an earlier death as they slow your dream career.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults need 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night to boost their creativity, productivity, happiness and protect their health. Commit to sleeping better this year for an improved quality of life!

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