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7 Ways to Create Total Darkness in Your Bedroom

7 Ways to Create Total Darkness in Your Bedroom

When it comes to collecting high-quality sleep, bathing your bedroom in complete darkness leads to more success. It’s definitely time to get rid of your fears of sleeping in the dark if you want to experience a full night of deeper sleep without any interruptions.

While light makes us happy and keeps us alert during the day, it is not our friend at bedtime, knocking our natural body clock off track and encouraging our bodies to stay awake at the wrong time. Even artificial light can be a major problem.

To set your bedroom up for sleep success, try these tips from Janet Hall of Remodelista to achieve the darkness your body needs at night:

1. Dim those lights before your bedtime: Don’t wait until it’s time for you to fall asleep. Your body can pick up on the lower lighting and will began to send the signal to produce melatonin, letting you know that it’s time to feel sleepy.

2. Get rid of electronics: Blue light at night hinders the production of melatonin and alerts the brain that it’s daytime, knocking our circadian rhythm out of sync. Put away your iPad, laptop, smart phone and turn off your TV at least an hour before your bedtime. And, don’t forget to cover up those annoying chargers and devices with LED lights that glow in the dark.

3. Don’t put fluorescent lights in your bedroom: It’s a major sleep stealer! Try one of many other alternatives to get keep your sleep on track!

4. Avoid night lights: Dim lighting can disrupt your sleep, but if you need a light to guide to the bathroom for nighttime trips, opt for a motion-activated night light. Place it away from the bed and under to table to generate just enough soft light to get to your destination and back safely.

5. Toss the digital clock: It may seem like your tiny digital device is on your side, but those numbers staring back at you illuminate enough light to cause sleep issues. Plus, those bright numbers can further insomnia as your mind begins to keep track of how long you’ve got left in bed.

6. Say yes to black out shades: Full coverage using blinds, curtains and light-blocking shades will keep the street lights and morning rays from interrupting your sleep. If you don’t like window coverings, opt for simple blackout roller blinds or solid shutters that can blend with the aesthetics of your bedroom while still giving you what you need at night.

7. Wear an eye mask: This simple tip can easily allow you to collect enough sleep without being disturbed by light, especially if you share a bedroom with a partner that has to wake up before you.

Not only should you make your bedroom as dark as possible, but remember to keep it cool and free of noise unless you are using a white noise machine or other form of relaxing steady sounds to achieve deep, refreshing sleep. Start stacking up on 7-9 hours of sleep every night to power through your days with ease!

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