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8 Sleep-Promoting Gifts to Give This Christmas

8 Sleep-Promoting Gifts to Give This Christmas

Just about everyone could use the gift of better sleep, and what better way to help someone achieve it by literally making it possible? Sleep-promoting gifts can be way more interesting to receive that a standard gift. The Huffington Post is making your Christmas shopping easier with these awesome recommendations!

1. Charging station: It’s important to keep technology out the bedroom at night and a convenient charging station may help gadget junkies have better sleep hygiene as it can be set up in the living room or kitchen.

2. Eye Mask: Sleeping in total darkness is one of the best ways to get a deep restorative sleep, but quality blackout shades can break the bank. This affordable gift comes in different style to match any personality.

 3. Pajamas: Often overlooked, a great set of pajamas can mentally help you look forward to a night of snooze. Gift someone comfy pajamas that they’ll be excited to wear as the prep for sleep.

4. White noise machine: There is a perfect sound option for everyone! These machines help make deep sleep obtainable with consistent, soothing noise as it blocks out traffic noises or breaks up uncomfortable silence.

5. Analog alarm clock: Many people rely on their smartphones to wake them up, break the sleep hygiene rule of keeping the bedroom device-free. An analog clock can decrease the temptation in lost in a smartphone and they come in plenty of cool vintage styles!

6. Tea: This simple gift packs a big punch! Caffeine free tea can relax a heavy mind before bed, but more specifically lavender or chamomile teas may lead better nights of shut-eye.

7. Ostrich Pillow: The name of this gift may sound weird but, this convenient pillow is perfect for the regular afternoon nap taker. It has pockets to easily get comfortable on a desktop and it offers support if sleep sitting up is required. Plus, it blocks out light!

8. Sunrise-simulating alarm clock: An alarm that gently wakes up sleepers by slowly increasing the amount of light in the bedroom can be a favorable gift, compared to a annoying alarm clock that startles people.

Most importantly, encourage others to practice healthy sleep habits and make it a priority in your home. Sleeping better improves our physical, mental and emotional well-being, creating a life of quality, happiness and success!

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