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9 Rules to Stick to For Quality Sleep Every Night

9 Rules to Stick to For Quality Sleep Every Night

Making the decision between watching another episode of Game of Thrones or going to sleep on time can be a hard one. However, late night TV binges can set back the productivity of your whole day, and over time increase your risk of serious health risks that stem from poor sleep.

The Huffington Post encourages you to adopt these rules that well-rested live by to promote high-quality sleep:

1. Set a bedtime alarm: Alarms are a handy tool to help you get up on time, but they are even better with reminding you to tuck in on time. Set one to go off 30 minutes before your bedtime to develop a routine and be reminded to relax for sleep.

2. Create realistic boundaries: Putting sleep first is going to cause some conflicts in your schedule. Set boundaries that’ll help you reach your goals such as using your DVR to catch up on late night TV the next day or putting away your work project early in the evening.

3. Don’t go to bed hungry: While you shouldn’t go to bed on a full stomach, you won’t obtain quality sleep on an empty one either. If your tummy is craving a snack, opt for one that’s part protein and part complex carbs, while avoiding caffeine, anything spicy, sugar and alcohol.

4. Wear real pajamas: Dressing the part can have a huge impact on your shut-eye as it helps signal your brain that it’s bedtime, encouraging you to relax and power down.

5. Turn your bedroom into a sleep oasis: Your bedroom shouldn’t be an office, kitchen, gym or movie theater. Create a sleep sanctuary that you’ll look forward to enter every night, including black out curtains, pleasant scents, and comfy bedding.

6. Write down your thoughts: Bringing worries into the bedroom can lead to insomnia and poor sleep quality. Clear your mind by write down your to-do lists, worries and finish up on a positive note by writing down what you are thankful for.

7. Embrace your inner child: Kids can’t help but put their sleep first, something we should remember as adults. While making sure your kids are well-rested, don’t forget about being a role model and tuck in early too.

8. Let go of your favorite electronics: There is a real reason you keep hearing this tip over and over again. All of your favorite digital devices, including TVs, e-readers, smartphones and iPads, emit blue light, which keeps you from feeling sleepy at the right time.

9. Take a hot bath or shower: This relaxing ritual helps your core temperature drop so that you feel drowsy and can enjoy quality sleep through the night. Add this habit to your bedtime routine, indulging an hour before you tuck in.

Experiencing perfect quality sleep every night is nearly impossible with busy schedules, unplanned events and unwanted stress. However, it’s important that we stick to healthy sleep habits and a consistent sleep-wake up times to better adjust when life simply gets in the way of our snooze. What sleep tip helps you fall asleep every night?


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