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Bullying in The Workplace May Lead to Sleep Troubles at Home

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Sleep disorders are a particularly costly problem in the workplace, costing developed countries millions of dollars a year in lost revenue due to mistakes and inefficiency.  Researchers believe that workplace bullying is one contributing factor to this problem.

A study of over 7,000 adult workers from south-east France showed that not only was workplace bullying prevalent, those who suffered from it commonly reported sleep disorders such as insomnia. The stresses of the workplace are often attributed to sleep disorders already, and this added stressor can make things even worse.

Researchers found that not only did current workplace bullying affect the quality of sleep of workers, but also past experiences and memories of bullying as well.  Witnessing bullying of another in the workplace could be attributed to sleep disorders also.

The causes of sleep disorders are often complex and entirely unique to each individual, making them hard to treat. Bullying is usually just one contributing factor in each patient, and not necessarily the main problem.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that people need sleep to work at their best. Researchers suggest that efforts for prevention of bullying should be made, especially in workplaces where bullying is prevalent, even if the workers are not directly concerned by it.

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