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Could More Sleep Lead to a Happier Life?

Could More Sleep Lead to a Happier Life?

According to a new poll taken by researchers from Gallup and Healthways, a good night’s sleep comes along with plenty of happiness.

Live Science tells us that more than 7,000 adults in the United States answered questions regarding their social relationships, finances, sense of purpose, physical health and involvement in their communities to allow for “well-being scores” to be calculated.

The results showed the participants who reported getting more sleep, ended up with higher well-being scores, compared to those who slept less. People who clocked in 8 hours of sleep each night averaged a well-being score of 65.7 out of 100, while on the other hand, the group of people who slept 7 hours each night scored a 64.2 and an average of 59.4 was calculated for those who made due with 6 hours of shut-eye each night.

However, it’s important to note that since those questions were only asked at one point in time, the researchers were unable to find out if getting more sleep makes people  happy or if being happy causes people to get more snooze.

Sleep has also been linked to more than just happiness, other studies have associated shut-eye with work productivity, driving, eating habits, relationships, attractiveness, serious health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, and so many more daily habits that we often taken for granted.

Recognizing that your sleep quality and duration impacts major areas of your life, is the first step to making a change. Check out the new sleep recommendations released by the National Sleep Foundation this year and begin your journey to an improved quality of life tonight!

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