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Doctors Introduce Method to Help Babies Sleep All Night

Doctors Introduce New Method to Help Babies Sleep All Night

Sharing precious moments with their newborn is a beautiful time for parents but, there are moments they may like to skip. Yes, I’m talking about those sleepless nights when adorable babies just don’t realize that 3 a.m. is normally when mostly everyone is collecting the benefits of shut-eye.

However, tell us that their is a fairly new method for parents to help their newborns sleep more in line with the needs of their parents, all night long!

Doctors Jonathan and Lewis Jassey, siblings and authors of the book “The Newborn Sleep Book”, created the routine that could be a great resource for parents, with a 90% success rate. The two practice at Bellmore Merrick Pediatrics in Bellmore, NY and have tested it for 20 years.

So how does it work? The theory is to get your baby’s hunger needs to arise on a specific schedule, eventually eliminating your baby’s cravings for nighttime feedings. As long as your baby is getting the optimal amount of food to promote a healthy development and weight, this new feeding schedule won’t do any harm.

Feedings are to be scheduled out every 4 hours during the day to encourage your baby not to be hungry during the night. However, it can be challenging to keep a crying baby calm without being tempted to soothe them with a bottle. Dr. Jonathan wants parents to remember that crying isn’t necessary a signal for hunger when it comes to babies, it’s just how they communicate.

“We don’t want them to realize that every time they’re crying they need to have a bottle or a breast shoved into their own mouth. Their stomach can get used to being fed so frequently and start to expect that,” he shared with

The doctors also remind parents to stay consistent and patient. Sleep is important to your entire family, yourself included. What sleep habits do you practice in your home to keep everyone on track?

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