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End Your Insomnia Woes Without Drugs

End Your Insomnia Woes Without Drugs

There is an easy solution to sleepless nights that has been proven to be effective but, most people haven’t heard about it or considered it. You don’t need to take drugs or even consult your physician to get a great quality of shut-eye. All the treatment takes is 2 sessions with a nurse practitioner that won’t take up more than an hour of your time and 2 brief follow-up phone calls over the course of a month.

Certainly this sounds too good to be true but, at the University of Pittsburgh researchers saw successful results when they used this new method of treatment on 79 seniors, average age 72, who all had chronic insomnia. Two-thirds of the participants reported a measurable improvement of their sleep compared with 25% of those in a control group. Total sleep time improved among those treated, with 55% of the group no longer having insomnia. The results are proving to be long term; three quarters of the treated group had maintained or improved their better sleep patterns even after 6 months of no treatment.

The controversial method that may solve your sleep problems is behavioral treatment. A trained nurse-practitioner helps you change what you do instead of what you ingest. A workbook and sleep diary will be all you need to set yourself up for results. This method is easy, inexpensive and safe. It is recommended for seniors to lower the potential side effects of sedatives such as daytime drowsiness, impaired memory and the higher risk of falling down.

Behavior treatment helps you to maximize your potential quality of sleep. It starts involves four rules that you can try your own. Reduce the time you spend in bed, get up at the same time every day, don’t go bed until you feel sleepy and get out of the bed if you are not sleeping.

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