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FDA Approves New Drug To Regulate Circadian Rhythm

FDA Approves New Drug To Regulate Circadian Rhythm

Vanda Pharmaceuticals intends on bringing better sleep to thousands of people across the United States. Their new drug, Hetlioz was just very recently approved by U.S health regulators. Hetlioz will be used to regulate the natural internal body clocks, or circadian rhythms, of patients who are blind, helping the sleep better with a normal sleep pattern.

Non-24 Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder (Non-24) is a condition that is common among people who are completely blind. This rare disorder occurs when people are deprived of light. Its symptoms are disrupted sleep patterns at night and excessive sleepiness during the day. It is estimated that Non-24 affects 65,000-95,000 people.

The new drug will have an effect on the body’s natural sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin, which is an important component to the body’s circadian rhythm. Melatonin rises when it’s time for bed and decreases when it’s time to wake up.

You may be struggling to get to sleep but, never give up. Talk to licensed physician or sleep specialist about different options out to help you get the rest you need. Putting sleep first will keep you healthy and happy!

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