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How to Get High-Quality Sleep Working Night Shifts

How to  Get High-Quality Sleep Working Night Shifts

Working the night shift can be hard to do. Many night shift workers have troubling sleep during the day, with obstacles ranging from sunlight beaming through the windows to constant phone calls and outside noises.

Clocking in for the night shift has been associated with serious health risks including Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Unfortunately, for many Americans it just can’t be avoided, which is all the reason why it’s crucial to make the sleep collected during the day truly count.

Follow these 8 tips to make sleeping during the day easier:

  1. Feel free to unwind: Don’t pressure yourself to get to bed immediately. Set aside some time for yourself to watch TV or read a book will make sleeping easier, just remember to put away electronics an hour before your bedtime.
  2. Turn off the ringers on all of your phones: People will still call you no matter how much you emphasize your work schedule.
  3. Alert the Post Office: You can fill out a form giving mail carriers permission to leave packages on your porch to be collected later.
  4. Purchase a Sleep Mask: Before blacking out your windows, this option can get you in the mood for bedtime.
  5. Blackout the Windows: Overlapping dark blankets over your windows can block out 90% of sunlight.
  6. Play Music in the Background: It’s a great way to ensure every noise from outside won’t disturb your much-needed rest. Try a white noise machine or add in a fan for consistent sound that will help to deeper sleep.
  7. Crank Up the Air Conditioner Before Bed: It’ll keep the room nice and cool, preventing sleep interruption by the sheets clinging to your skin.
  8. Talk with Your Family. Make plans to spend time with your family when you are awake. By making the effort, they’ll be more willing not disturb you as you sleep.

It is important that we get sleep no matter what our work schedules are like. Create a soothing environment to make sleep a success, while regularly following a relaxed bedtime routine, including activities such as mediation, a warm bath, or writing in a gratitude journal.

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