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How to Sleep Like a Baby on Your Next Long Flight

How To Sleep Like A Baby On Your Next Long Flight

Finding the key to relaxation on a plane can be a hassle, but you certainly won’t regret it. Red eye flights are a great choice for travelers looking to sleep before a vacation as well as save a few bucks in the process. Before your next mission to grab some shut-eye between runways, try these quick tips shared by Men’s Journal to make falling asleep easier:

Choose the right itinerary:

This step is the most important for your trip. Always go for the nonstop flight, if it isn’t available make your next choice the itinerary with the longest single leg. You want as much time of uninterrupted sleep as you can get. Look for those late night departures that are already in line with your sleep schedule.

Then, choose your seat type and location wisely. Window seats are top choice to prevent people from climbing over you and you’ll have more space to prop your pillow up against the window. Also, seats near the front of the cabin are usually quieter as many people will making their way to the back of the plane for restroom visits.

Now is the time to use those frequent flyer miles or splurge to get yourself into first or business class. Some carriers have high standards with lie-flat seats or extra-wide seats to give you that “at home” feel. To learn about the seat options on your flight use Routehappy or SeatGuru.

Prepare your body:

Some people reach for sleep aids, but you should consult a physician and make sure you’ll have enough time to sleep off the medication. Make the effort to stay hydrated during the day of your flight. This will keep you from drinking or eating anything on the flight and needing to visit the restroom. You’ll also want to avoid alcohol– waking up dehydrated can easily turn your trip into a nightmare.

Don’t forget your sleep gear: earplugs, an eye mask, your own blanket, and loose clothing. You want to be comfortable and able to adjust to the temperature that you need to sleep.

Plan for recovery:

The quickest way to knock off the sleepiness from your flight is to splash your face with cold water, then grab a cup of coffee. For breakfast, go with something high in protein and fiber to get your energy up.

We wish you luck on your next flight and remember that you don’t need to sacrifice your snooze to travel! For more sleep tips on what to bring for achieving better sleep on a flight, click here!

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