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How You Sleep Shows Who You Are

sleep position

A new study suggests that the position that you sleep in may have less to do with personal choice and more to do with your personality while you are awake. The survey, which was conducted in the UK, found that over 50% of participants slept in the fetal position.

Robert Phipps, a body language expert who determined the findings of the survey, says that this position, with knees up and head down, means that the subject is seeking comfort. The more compact, the more comfort they seek. The next largest group of sleepers were those who slept like a log, literally. 28% sleep with their arms by their sides, very stiffly. Mr Phipps says that this could indicate a very stubborn individual. Twenty five percent of the participants were yearners – who sleep with arms outreached. Mr Phipps says this type is eager to face the challenges of a new day, and is often a tough critic for themselves. The remaining 17% slept face down, with arms outstretched. This is the least comfortable position and can indicate a feeling of being overwhelmed or out of control.

Mr. Phipps says that this evidence suggests that how we sleep can be very influential on the type of day we have following.

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