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Insomnia Can Lead to Costly Workplace Errors

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A new study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry estimates that a stunning 15% of workplace errors can be linked to insomnia. The study suggests that up to 274,000 mistakes, which cause employers billions of dollars in losses due to accidents and workplace errors, can be attributed to loss of sleep.

20% of the participants in the study had suffered from insomnia like symptoms while at work in the past year, and 4.3% admitted to having made a serious workplace error costing their business more than $500; not including reported accidents. The average cost of a mistake or error due to insomnia is calculated at over $20,000.

The quality of sleep a person gets every night determines how well they will function during the week. Encouraging quality sleeping habits in the workplace may lead to overall employee satisfaction as well as more efficient, error free work.

Employers are trying to improve the screening and treatment for insomnia, though it is proving hard because most of the symptoms appear in the home. There is relatively little research on the topic of insomnia-related-workplace-errors. Employers and researchers are hoping that this study begins to shine a light on the subject.

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