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How Insomnia Hurts Your Brain and Memory

How Insomnia Hurts Your Brain and Memory

Are you struggling to complete a new project or preparing for a test? According to a study published in the journal Sleep, and conducted by study researcher Sean P.A. Drummond, there is a reason why after a night of poor sleep, we feel as though we are working harder to complete tasks.

The Huffington Post tells us that 25 adults with insomnia and 25 adults without sleep issues were asked to perform a working memory task as they underwent functional MRI brain scans.

The study suggests that people with insomnia have a reduced ability to engage some task-appropriate brain regions and reduced ability to modulate task-irrelevant brain regions during working memory performance. Specifically, people without insomnia were able pull more resources to the network of the brain responsible for working memory as the task grew more challenging, while people with insomnia were unable to pull those resources.

Although you may be able to complete a memory task, your brain will not be efficient when you are sleep deprived. Increase your brain power by making sure you get the proper amount of sleep for your age group.

Whether you need a promotion at work or to increase for college GPA, improving your sleep is a cost-free, effective way to boost your brain power. Keep tucking in early and making each night your best for quality shut-eye.

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