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Insomnia Linked to Productivity Loss at Work

Insomnia Linked to Productivity Loss at Work

Don’t think there is a link between poor sleep and poor work performance? According to a Harvard study, insomnia leads to 11.3 days of productivity loss at work each year, which is also equal to a $2,280 loss.

The Washington Post tells us that the findings show as a whole insomnia costs our nation a total loss of $63.2 billion annually. The quality of life also decreases without proper rest for many employees who find themselves using their smartphone for work purposes after 9 pm, as they are more tired and less engaged at work the following day. Insomnia may also lead bosses to be more abusive toward their staff.

As the consequences of sacrificing shut-eye are becoming more in the spotlight, numerous companies are backing their employees with work interventions and more flexible schedules, which also results in improved sleep for their children.

Cutting your sleep short has a direct impact on your career, including poor creativity, memory, decision-making, and overall cognitive functioning, as well as more stress.

Surprisingly, research that was presented at SLEEP 2015 revealed that insomnia hinders the work abilities of healthcare workers, making them less empathetic towards patients and increasing the chance of a dangerous medical error.

If you are feeling tired at work, remember that penciling in a small 10 minute nap will help reduce your stress, increase alertness and boost your immune system, while grabbing a window seat at the office allows sunlight to naturally help keep depression away, improve your sleep quality and overall life.

Aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep every night of week and don’t forget to put away your electronics at least 90 minutes before your bedtime.  Give your mind and body time to unwind in the late evening to prepare for the restorative rest you need; you aren’t a machine!  Trust us, deep sleep on a quality mattress will make it much easier to get your next promotion!

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