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Why You Must Invest in an Adjustable Bed TODAY!

Why You Must Invest in an Adjustable Bed TODAY!

Let’s be honest, most of us think that adjustable beds are more suited for older adults or can only benefit a medical condition. However, Gallery Furniture Sleep Expert, Brandon Jackson recently informed me that I couldn’t be more wrong. Everyone could benefit from having an adjustable bed in their home.

With numerous studies and doctors pointing out that sleep quality is just as important as our sleep duration, it’s important to invest in a mattress that will provide the right amount of support and comfort to allow for a full night’s rest.

According to Health Guidance, there are 4 main health issues that an adjustable bed can improve:

  • Back Pain: Sleeping on an adjustable bed will allow you to get into a position that is more naturally in-line with your body. You can adjust however you need to, making sure all of your sore pressure points are properly supported.
  • Sleep Apnea and Snoring: Using the incline of an adjustable bed may help improve your overall health, especially where the sleep disorder sleep apnea is concerned. When your windpipe is closed due to the weight of your neck, snoring occurs. Propping yourself in a slightly upright position lets gravity do the job of keeping your windpipe from being obstructed.
  • Digestion: A slightly upright position can help with the digestion process at night. While it’s never recommended to go to sleep on a full stomach, an adjustable bed makes a huge difference in keeping you comfortable, while helping to prevent indigestion and acid reflux.
  • Swelling: Doctors often recommend that you elevate an injured limb to prevent pain and reduce swelling, and adjustable bed makes that easy, compared to fighting with pillows and cushions to get comfortable. If you are constantly on your feet all day at work, elevating your legs can also help fight unwanted varicose veins on your lower limbs.

Overall, Brandon recommends adjustable beds because of the major health benefits they provide. Count on your new Gallery Furniture adjustable bed to help lower your blood pressure, improve your blood circulation, open your airways, and allow you to sleep with zero gravity as it takes 20-30 lbs of pressure off your back as you raise it every couple of inches.

Head over to one of 3 Gallery Furniture showrooms in Houston, TX –6006 N. Freeway, 2411 Post Oak, or 7227 W. Grand Parkway South—to take a rest on our high-quality adjustable mattress selection. Our non-commissioned GF Sleep Experts are always excited to put your unique sleep needs and comfort first!

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2 Responses to Why You Must Invest in an Adjustable Bed TODAY!

  1. Deborah Begay September 23, 2016 at 8:44 am #

    With the adjustable bed in King size would I use twin size mattresses

    • Sara Hickey October 9, 2016 at 6:39 pm #

      Deborah, a King size could either have a single King mattress if you want both sides to move at the same time – or two TwinXL mattresses if you want to be able to move each side separately! Please come visit one of our sleep experts at a Gallery Furniture showroom to be matched up with the best bed for you!

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