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What You Need to Know About Sleep Loss and Weight Gain

With Thanksgiving only weeks  away, it may be time for you to stack up on the proper amount of sleep to protect your waistline.

The link between sleep and weight isn’t a new topic, but it is a very important one to remain at optimal health levels. Think back to the last time you went without sleep. You probably craved plenty of foods packed with sugar, sodium and unhealthy fats. And, you probably had a hard time putting them down. Now that you’ll be eating your holiday favorites with your family, expect your self control to be long gone!

That’s because your hormones and brain work together, increasing your appetite for high-calorie foods all due to your sleep loss. Tie that in with poor decision making and more fat being directed toward your tummy and before you know it, you’ve packed on 15 lbs. without time to consider where it all went wrong.

For a better understanding of why sleep is so important with the holidays coming up, as well as every night of your life, check out this easy to follow info-graphic provided by Sleep Genius that we found on Pinterest! Your time at the dining table this year doesn’t have to result in weight gain!

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest


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