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Perfect Your Sleep-Diet With These Foods!

Perfect Your Sleep-Diet With These Foods!

How many hours of sleep did you clock in last night? Too little sleep can lead to unwanted weight gain; however, eating the right foods throughout the day has been linked to deeper refreshing shut-eye.

We are always excited to learn about sleep-promoting foods and couldn’t wait to share what SELF Magazine has taught us:

Sleep Disruptors

Turkey: Contrary to belief, the amino acid tryptophan that turkey contains can only induce drowsiness if you eat it on an empty stomach. Those sleepy Thanksgiving memories you are trying to re-create really came from loading up on carbs.

Raw Vegetables: Of course you should eat your veggies! However, consuming high-fiber content before bed is hard on your digestion process, leading to bloating, discomfort and gas.

Wine: Alcohol can be tempting after a hard day and help you fall asleep initially, but have alcohol in your system diminishes your overall sleep quality. You wake up frequently and spent less time in critical sleep phases that support your health.

Decaf Coffee: Did you know that decaf coffee isn’t necessary caffeine-free? The same sleep hygiene rules apply here, avoid all caffeine after 2pm to ensure its out of your system by bedtime.

Ice cream: This tasty treat is so appealing on hot summer nights and for simply pigging out on the couch. Nonetheless, ice cream before bed hurts sleep quality as well, along with all foods that are high in fat as they lead to indigestion and frequent nighttime trips to the bathroom.

Dark chocolate: It may be heart-healthy, but it’s known sleep disruptor due to the naturally occurring caffeine it contains. The darker the chocolate, the more caffeine it has to hold you back from snooze.

Sleep Aids

Salmon: This one is not only great to support a healthy lifestyle and diet, it contains enough vitamin B6 to help your body produce melatonin, the hormone that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Leafy Greens: Packed with calcium, leafy greens promote drowsiness by helping with the manufacturing of both melatonin and tryptophan.

Tart Cherry Juice: The rumors about tart cherry juice helping ease insomnia are true. Many studies have shown that drinking some in the morning and before your bedtime can lead to deeper sleep with fewer awakenings through the night.

Chamomile Tea: Chamomile tea is special as it encourages the release of glycine, a neurochemical with sedative properties. Plus, warm drinks are comforting during nighttime hours.

Popcorn:  As a complex carb, popcorn stimulates the release of a neurochemical that also helps you feel sleepy, serotonin. Go easy on the butter and opt for popping your own as a low protein and fat snack.

Honey: A dose of this natural sugar can certainly work wonders for your snooze. Due to the spike of insulin it causes, honey helps tryptophan induce drowsiness much quicker.

Make your daily menu the best it can be for refreshing tonight and be sure to let us know what has been working for you!

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