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Sleep Apnea Treatment Should Be Viewed As Investment, Not Cost

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The American Sleep Apnea Association is pushing for businesses to view the treatment of their employees sleep apnea as an investment rather than a cost. By treating the disorder companies can expect healthier employees who come to work more often.

Sleep apnea is a costly disorder, costing businesses between $67 billion and $165 billion in related accidents, productivity issues, and hidden health care costs annually. It can be treated, however with various machines or devices. The treatment options available are all very effective and should be implemented in those suffering from sleep apnea, as the disorder can become complicated. Studies show that workers receiving CPAP therapy noted a 40% decline in missed work days, and a 47.8% decline in disability claims. The disorder can be particularly detrimental in a working environment such as trucking, which was the focus of this particular study. Truck drivers suffering from obstructive sleep apnea show much higher rates of accidents on the job if left untreated.

The mistakes in trucking can be devastating – 6 or 7 figures are not uncommon, and worse, people may be injured or killed. The proper treatment of obstructive sleep apnea would reduce the number of accidents and help keep safer drivers on the road.

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