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Why Sleep is the Key to Staying Young

Why Sleep is the Key to Staying Young

The beauty industry makes billions of dollars each year as many people always want to look and feel their best. However, there is one answer to the fear of getting older that is absolutely free!  Check out these reasons why sleep is the cheapest way to boost your health and keep you youthful that we found on YouBeauty:

It makes you more attractive: You may think that going a night without sleep doesn’t affect your looks, but research suggests that it does. In one study, volunteers experienced 31 hours of wakefulness in one period. Afterwards, they were rated and compared to other participants who had gotten proper sleep by untrained professionals. Those who were sleep-deprived were rated as less attractive, less healthy and more tired. That fact is something you definitely want to take into account when going in for a job interview.

It keeps you in shape: Sleep is a secret weight loss tool that many people take for granted. Not only does getting the proper amount of high-quality sleep keep you motivated, it gives you more energy, helps you make smarter food choices, and keeps you feeling younger mentally and physically to inspire a more active lifestyle.

It makes your skin glow: Did you know that 30 times more skin growth occurs at night than when you are awake? Improving your relationship with sleep leads that youthful glow you’ve been trying to achieve with makeup. You skin will naturally be more supple, elastic, and tight after consistently getting the sleep you need.

It makes us quicker physically and mentally: Many studies have been able to confirm that our bodies and minds are learning as we sleep. Brain cells grow and solidify new information that you learn each day, making your memory outstanding and impressing others with how quickly you pick up new skills. Physically, your muscles, tissues, and ligaments are getting the time they need to rest as they make you stronger for your next athletic completion.

It boosts your “youth hormones”: Human growth hormone (HGH) is an important factor in helping you look young even after you’ve exited your youthful days. It’s mostly produced during slow-wave sleep and decreases production after you reach adulthood. By making sure you get enough sleep, you maximize its output, helping to prevent belly fat, lower metabolism, and sagging skin.

By making sleep a priority, you are making yourself a priority. Invest in yourself with 7-9 hours of high-quality shut-eye to look and feel your best. Trust us, sleep is worth it!

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