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Sleep on Your Stomach For Sexier Dreams

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Researchers from Hong Kong found that sleepers who lie face down have more vivid, intense, and erotic dreams than their side or multi-position sleeping counterparts according to a study covered in Greatist News.

Participants were evaluated on their personalities prior to the study to gauge how open they were to new experiences, how agreeable they were, whether they are intro or extroverted, and more. They were also tested on how they react in certain social situations, such as falling or doing something naughty.

More than half of the participants had a preferred sleeping position, and only 5% preferred to lay on their stomach. This small percentage reported dreaming more vividly, erotically, and intensely than participants who sleep any other way.

While sleeping on your stomach is not the ideal position for your general long-term health, researchers believe that the physical sensations felt while sleeping on our stomach explains the overnight stimulation, and that the way a person sleeps could trigger certain other somatic or sensory excitations. Read more about the pros and cons of different sleep positions here!

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