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Sleep Tips for Your Next Athletic Competition

Sleep Tips for Your Next Athletic Competition

Numerous studies have shown just how important sleep is in regards to athletic performances. Proper sleep instills confidence in abilities, strengthens the body, and boosts those athletic skills. It can be difficult to get high-quality sleep the night before a big event due to jitters or excitement. To make sure your body will perform its best, try these sleep tips and be the champion we know you are:

Consider your sleep needs: If you’ve traveled for your competition, make sure you get a room that’s far from noisy hallways, elevators, and ice machines. Bring items from home that will help you feel relaxed and comfortable. If you’re at home, let you family or roommates know that you need to get to bed early, so they can keep things quiet.

Prep beforehand: Worrying about your to-do list and equipment can keep you up well into the night. Consider laying out your outfit for the next day, and your route– get as much prepped before bed to minimize stress. Keeping a list is the perfect way to find the right balance.

Wind down early: Call it a night early so you have time to adjust to your earlier bedtime and get ready for sleep. Relaxing activities like light reading or a crossword puzzle can help. However, it is not recommended that you begin a new, thrilling TV series. Instead, try reading a book you’re familiar with, or listening to some calm music at low volume.

Don’t stuff yourself: That carbo-loading excuse may hurt your sleep and performance. Eating too much can make it hard to get to sleep, so be sure to watch your caloric, and alcohol intake.

Have a backup plan: If you know you won’t be able to sleep before game or race day, a sleep aid can be a good choice. Be sure to consult with a physician and experiment with how far in advance you need to take them well before the race.

Remember to sleep well and think positive! Believe that your preparation and sleep will give you the boost you need over the competition. We are backing you up all the way!

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