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Smartphones Are Still Hurting Sleep in America

Smartphones Are Still Hurting Sleep in America

One of the most recommended sleep tips is putting away electronics at least 90 minutes before bedtime, including smart phones.

However, Fortune Magazine tells us that 71% of Americans are still sleeping with their smart phones in their bed or on a nightstand, with 3% of people admitting to falling sleep with it in their hands.

The findings come from a new report released from Bank of America, which could provide one of the reasons so many Americas are struggling to enjoy their snooze and truly experience refreshing mornings. The obsession of staying connected doesn’t end at night, 35% of the study participants said that their smart phones were even the first thing on their minds upon waking up.

What’s the problem with spending so much time with our smart phones? Researchers have been exploring the relationship between blue light that emits from our favorite electronic devices –including smart phones, TVs, iPads, e-readers and laptops—and sleep for quite some time.

Numerous studies have indicated that exposure to blue light before bedtime suppresses the release of melatonin, the key hormone in helping us feel sleepy and stay asleep.

Putting away your smartphone may sound easy, but since it can be used to carry out so many tasks it can be challenging to change your dependency. Try these tips shared by CNET Magazine to put an end to any excuses you may have to make a change:

  • Don’t sleep with your phone nearby: While your cell phone offers this handy feature, which keeps a physical alarm clock from taking up space, it’s all about placement. Move your phone far away from the bed to decrease your chances of using it before bed or during a nighttime awakening.
  • Let go of your worries about missing out: It’s common to be worried about missing late-night emergency calls and texts. To solve this problem, take advantage of your smartphone’s “Do Not Disturb” mode, which turns off all notifications from texts, calls, emails and apps except from the few important contacts that you have the power to program.
  • Don’t let music or white noise become a distraction: The right combinations can lull you to sleep, which is a smart move for many sleepers. However, avoid using plug-in headphones and opt for a Bluetooth connection to allow your phone to be left across the room. This option also lowers your exposure to blue light and radiation.
  • Get strict about checking Instagram, Facebook and playing Candy Crush: The only way to overcome this habit is to set some boundaries. Pick a designated spot to keep your phone away from the bed, or even better in a different room. Put a charger there and set up a bedtime routine that includes putting away your phone at least at hour before your bedtime.



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