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Students Suffer Insomnia Over Financial Concerns

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A new survey carried out in the UK found that nearly one in three students at universities suffered insomnia as a result of anxiety over their financial situation.

Nearly 20% responded that they suffered from some sort of depression, and nearly 37% said they had experienced some sort of anxiety in relation to their finances.  Sleep deprivation can be problematic for students because it affects memory consolidation and emotional capacity.

Typically, students have suffered anxiety from studies and exams, but today the outlook is different. Worldwide university prices continue to rise, and many students work full or part-time to make ends meet.

Many students reported going without hot water or heat to afford textbooks and rent. The stress of student loans and debt keep many up at all hours of the night.

Sleep deprivation causes even more problems for these troubled students. Memory is affected and grades fall, accidents in the workplace increase and students are laid off.  Sleep deprivation should be taken very seriously, even at places where it is tolerated, such as universities.

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