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The Answers Behind Common Dreams and Symbols

The Answers Behind Common Dreams and Symbols

According to The Huffington Post, people may report having similar dreams, but the meanings behind them can be completely different depending on backgrounds and culture. However, there are common symbols and images in dreams that have developed meanings which are generally accepted:

  • Being Chased:During a dream, it often causes such a great amount of anxiety that it is easily remembered by the dreamer. It is commonly seen as a representation of a person running away from something; avoiding a subject that needs attention.
  • Water:This image represents our emotions; how we unconsciously feel. How we are dealing with our emotions is shown by the quality of the water such as clear vs. cloudy.
  • Vehicles:Transportation vehicles such as cars, trains, airplanes and ships all indicate the direction of our lives. They represent our control and power in our life choices, highlighting obstacles we need to deal with.
  • People:People in dreams represent a reflection of the self, demonstrating characteristics that need to be worked on. Dreaming of specific people may relate to our relationship with them.
  • Classroom/or School:This is “lesson” or “test” setting is often a symbol that there is something to be learned from our past.
  • Paralysis:The representation of the overlap between REM stage sleep and the wake stage of sleep may indicate the lack of control we feel we have in our waking lives.
  • Death: Many times death in a dream is viewed as negative but, it represents change – getting rid of the old to make room for something new.
  • Flying:Depending how well our flying journey is, it represents how much control we have in our lives, whether we believe we will meet our personal goals. Flying high off the ground can feel euphoric, while low flying or “skimming” the ground can be frustrating due to the obstacles.
  • Sex: While these dreams can simply be exactly what they are, they can also be a symbol of an intimate connection.
  • Falling:Slow falling represents the act of letting go and serenity. An uncontrollable fall from a great height may mean that something in reality feels like it’s out of control.
  • Nudity: Vulnerability is often the emotion expressed in these types of dreams. By paying attention to what body part is exposed, we may be able to understand what our dream is trying to tell us.
  • Baby:These dreams don’t necessarily mean a full-on pregnancy scare. They often represent something new, a project, idea or growth potential.
  • Food:In dreams food is a symbol of knowledge, energy or nourishment that may be related to how we feel, our spirituality and intellect.
  • House:Commonly a representation of our minds, the different rooms and levels in the house may indicate different intimate levels of emotions that we aren’t aware of when we are awake. For example, the basement could represent being neglected.

Try keeping a dream journal to record all of your awesome adventures. It’s always best to write down your dream as soon as you wake up because you’ll remember more detail. However, if dreaming is causing too many disruptions or affecting the quality of your sleep, don’t hesitate to speak with a licensed physician or sleep specialist.

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