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The Pros and Cons of Sleep Positions

The Pros and Cons of Sleep Positions

Not all sleep positions are equal in the measure of how they affect our bodies. It’s important to know if our preferred sleep positions are helping or hindering our health.

Sleeping on your back is great for balancing body weight and keeping the organs in line. It also prevents neck and back pain. However, if you are a snorer, sleeping on your back will only make you snoring worse.

Sleeping on your side can help to keep pressure off of your back. When lying in this position, it is best you keep a pillow under your head to help your posture and alignment. Sleeping on your left side also will also reduce heartburn pain. Luckily, there are no negatives to sleeping in this position as it follows the natural curvature of the spine.

Sleeping on your stomach helps when you have lower back pain. It will relieve the pain on the spaces in between discs. It should be noted that sleeping on your stomach is also the most risky sleep position. It flattens the natural curve in the lower back and keeps your head turned one way at night, distorting the alignment of the neck. Extra and unnecessary pressure is also exerted on the nerves when lying in this position. It’s why you may feel “pins and needles” pain when you wake up.

Consider trying out a different sleep position, if you need some of the specific benefits mentioned above. If you have questions, make a free appointment with one of our resident Sleep Experts here!

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