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4 Ways To Prevent Oversleeping

Ways To Prevent Oversleeping

Tired of waking up in a panic because you overslept? Try these helpful tips shared by The Huffington Post:

  1. Manipulate your lighting: This is good way to trick your body into thinking it is time for sleep, or that it is time to wake up. Shift workers could benefit from having a light box or visors to trick the body into believing that it is morning time. For those working the night shifts, try pulling the curtains closed to block out the light from entering your room. This can help make the body think it is dark outside by providing yourself a dark environment.
  2. Create a regimented schedule for yourself: By keeping a schedule for what time you will go to sleep, wake up, and even eat, you can create a routine pattern for your body. Everyone wants to worry about what time they should awake in the morning, but setting a good bed time can assure that you get the amount of sleep you need and wake up at the correct time so you feel good. It is best to head to bed when feeling naturally sleepy, not when forced.
  3. Think of sleep in 90 minute increments: Sleep cycles are naturally 90 minutes long. It is best to try and find a way to make your sleep cycle a multiple of 90 to provide an easier wake up. However, do not focus on it exclusively. It can be somewhat difficult to put in place since because you will not fall asleep as soon as your face hits the pillow, but, it could be helpful in getting a measure on your own sleep cycles.
  4. Get creative with your method of waking up: There are some really interesting ways to wake up, such as the “Sonic Boom” alarm clock that will raise the alarm a few decibels. There is even another alarm clock that will force you to get out of bed to deactivate it.

Make you sure you getting enough sleep by finding out how much sleep you need. On your next vacation, fall asleep when you are sleep and allow yourself to wake up naturally without an alarm clock. Collecting 7-9 hours of quality sleep is the perfect way to boost your happiness, productivity and health!


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