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The Ultimate Life Hack Guide to Quality Sleep

Keeping up with the perfect set of tips to improve your sleep can be hard to do. Science tells us that everything we do from the moment we wake up has an impact on how long we’ll tuck in and our sleep quality, which can create a lot of pressure to follow a foolproof routine for deep, rejuvenating shut-eye each night.

Based in Ireland, life hacker and entrepreneur Donal O’ Conghaile decided to take his passion for life hacks to the next level by creating Life Hack Posters to help others work, sleep and live better, which can be conveniently added to your home or office through Kickstarter.

His Life Hack Poster entitled, ‘How to Fall Asleep,’ could be just what you need to boost your quality of life with the joy of quality snooze. The beautiful poster has been thoroughly and intricately presented to ensure you’ll be reminded of scientifically-backed sleep tips on an easy read artful chart.

Check out the infographic of the poster below to learn about the ideal bedroom environment, sleep disrupters, sleep promoting foods, natural remedies, and so many more sleep strategies to apply to your life:

The Ultimate Life Hack Guide to Quality Sleep

Source: Kickstarter

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