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The Unexpected Problems with Sleeping Pills

The Unexpected Problems With Sleeping Pills

People don’t just take sleeping pills for insomnia, but also during stressful times and while traveling. The side effects of sleep aids may not be considered by some, since many are easily available as over-the-counter drugs, or through a prescription. Prescribed sleeping pills are often benzodiazepines, and may include sedative medications, while most over-the-counter sleeping pills are antihistamines. If you need help falling asleep is always important to make sleeping pills your last option due to unexpected side effects such as these:

Drowsiness: You may experience moderate to severe drowsiness throughout the following day, which can get in the way of your daily tasks.

Building up a tolerance: Certain medications won’t work well over time because your body may get used to them. Speak with a physician immediately about this problem.

Nausea: Sedative hypnotic medication such as Ambien and Lunesta can cause bouts of nausea and make it difficult to swallow or breathe.

Headaches: Sometimes it may be difficult to find the cause of a headache, but if you took a sleeping pill the night before it can cause a headache, dizziness, problems concentrating and unsteadiness.

Daytime memory issues: Memory lapses throughout the day and trouble recalling information the day after can be a sedative hypnotic sleeping medication side effect.

Rebound insomnia: Insomnia can be even worse if you stop taking sleeping medication for a few days cold turkey.

Complex Sleep Behavior: This is a disorder that can cause you to experience activities you don’t remember such as eating, making phone calls, or even driving.

Burning or tingling sensations: Uncomfortable sensations may be caused by sleeping pills; always speak with your physician immediately if you notice this.

Abnormal Behavior: Hallucinations, confusion, aggressiveness, and suicidal thoughts are a real side effect of some sleeping medications.

If you are looking for a drug-free way put an end to your lack of sleep, researchers have been strongly recommending Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for many insomnia cases. For more information click here!

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