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Upgrade Your Sleep Experience At The Four Seasons

Upgrade Your Sleep Experience At The Four Seasons

Frequent travelers know that all hotel beds aren’t made equal. Some beds at hotels cause you to toss and turn, while others make it difficult to check out. The Four Seasons is aiming to make every stay with them the best with its new customizable sleep experience.

After a survey conducted by Ipsos in 2013 revealed the diversity in sleep preferences, the hotel decided to give guests what they want. Soon guests at the Four Seasons will be able to choose between 3 mattress toppers, different pillows and beside amenities for completely customized comfort.

Some of the highlights of the survey included:

-30% of respondents said they have requested a room change or slept somewhere else in their room if the bed didn’t meet their needs

-44% of respondents have wanted to take the linens or bed at the Four Seasons, which is possible.

-The top preferred amenities were bath salts and oils, room scents, and herbal tea.

-Desired conveniences included a master switch for the window blinds and more electrical outlets for personal devices such as smartphones an iPods.

How likely are you to stay the Four Seasons with the new sleep experience available? Regardless of where you stay, you should aim to keep your sleep routine as close to the one you have at home.

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